Many of Us Take This For Granted

Sometimes people laugh when I tell them that part of the work I do with my clients
is to teach them how to breathe.

They say, “Everyone knows how to breath. Why would you need to spend any
time on that?”

I understand where they’re coming from. Breathing is the number one thing our
body needs to do to stay alive. It’s largely an involuntary activity, so it’s easy to
take it for granted.

Most people rarely if ever pay attention to their breathing. That’s a shame, because
attending to your breathing and learning how to improve it can have a radical impact
on your health.

When you breathe fully and completely, you bring into action all of the muscles and
structures involved in respiration. You exercise the lungs completely, including the
lower and remote sections of each lung that remain unused by most people. You
expand the chest cavity in all directions, which helps to develop a full, broad chest
and good posture. 

Regular practice of breathing exercises helps you avoid colds and bronchial
infections. It also increases your overall vitality because you are, for perhaps the
first time since you were a baby, activating all parts of your lungs. This rejuvenates
you and provides more energy and vitality.  It also provides a boost to fat-burning
and weight loss.

The medical and scientific communities are recognizing more and more the importance
of getting enough oxygen. Studies have shown that proper breathing contributes to
healthy metabolism, circulation, digestion, and elimination.  It helps calm and relax
you and minimizes stress and anxiety. 

One of the most important means of strengthening and improving is performing a
combination of deep breathing and dynamic exercises.  This helps simultaneously
increase lung capacity and power and strengthen the entire torso.  It also promotes
the unobstructed flow of internal energy that may have been blocked because of your

This approach is at the heart of the Dynamic Energy Routine, which I teach in the
Secret Power of Dynamic Energy Exercise Course, Volume 2 (please visit

the Best Breathing Exercises website for more information).

Through the routine, you learn how to breathe fully and deeply, you develop lung
power, and you build up all of the muscles and structures associated with proper
breathing and good posture.

This approach strengthens the body from the inside out, and thus has a more
profound and lasting effect.  

It’s easy to fit into your day and the exercises are organized in progression
so they are accessible to anyone, no matter what your present condition may be.

It’s amazing the impact that proper, complete breathing can have on you, physically,
mentally and emotionally.

Have you taken the time to learn how to breathe properly?

You Can Do It!



20 Responses to “Many of Us Take This For Granted”

  1. kevin hogan Says:

    Does intentional breathing (conscious) have a learning curve? In other words, at some point does the body begin to breathe at the pace and depth that you teach it to in exercises?

    • kvanness01 Says:

      Yes, over time you can actually teach your body these new patterns, so they become more automatic. For example, in martial arts training (the traditional kind), over time you learn how to breathe to help maintain your endurance, as well as your body integrity, so you remain stronger against blows. You also learn how to disguise your breathing, so your opponent can not use your breathing against you (by timing his or her strike or grab with your breathing). I took this same concept and applied it more generally to breathing on a daily basis. The trick is to learn proper breathing, or even specific breath techniques, then remind yourself throughout the day to simply breathe! Becoming more conscious of your breathing is the first step. You will remind yourself more and more frequently to relax and breathe more fully. Over time, you will find that it becomes more natural.

  2. christianhaller Says:

    And good breathing is also essential for good public speaking and in generally, good communication.

  3. Dale Bell Says:

    I know how important breating is there have been a few times when I couldnt. I also use deep breating at night to relax when I am having a hard time going to sleep.
    Dale Bell

  4. Dennis Perry Says:

    This is something that we can do anywhere, anytime and the benefits are so great! Thank you for the great advice and education.
    Create The Life of Your Dreams

  5. G.E. Moon II Says:

    I’m always amazed at how many people are shallow chest breathers. What happens to us in life where we forget to breathe like a baby from our belly? Great site…wonderful information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of breathing with us.

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II

  6. Jandy Quismiundo Says:

    I heard somewhere that a good breather breaths from the stomach. Is that true? When I heard that all I could think about is watching the stomach expanding and deflating with the rib cage and how aweful it would look doing that in public.


  7. Sabrina Peterson Says:

    I need to get my mom to look at your breathing exercises. She is currently on oxygen because she smoked for 50+ years and can really use some help.

    Sabrina Peterson, NASM CPT, CES
    Corrective Exercise for Every Body

  8. Dr. Wendy Schauer, D.C., R.K.C. Says:

    Deep breathing has always been my go to exercise to reduce my stress. When I am running behind, a couple of deep abdominal breaths calms me down. I love your posts. This is great information.
    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy M. Schauer, D.C., R.K.C.
    Come Experience The Power of the Russian KettleBell Revolution at Kettlebell Olympia – Home of A Better Body With Bells!

  9. Scott Sylvan Bell Says:

    These breathing exercises make sense, in the future could you post a video for an explanation.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Now go implement!

  10. Shane Says:

    We tend to hold our breath when we should be breathing. It’s a counterintuitive reflex isn’t it?

    Resources For the Independent Film Maker

  11. Rob Northrup Says:

    Something so simple that can do us so much good. We don’t even think about breathing yet it is the most vital thing we do.

    Seize the Day,
    Survival Rob

    Is Your Family Prepared For A Financial Crisis or Natural Disaster?

  12. Boomer Dating Expert Says:

    Hi Karen,

    I like how you stress something so simple and foundation, conscious and purposeful breathing. I sing soprano, and boy do we need good oxygen to sing those high notes, including it is essential to STAND to have the proper lung support to do so. I have taken singing lessons. And I know HOW theoretically to breath well and properly. And yet, the reminders and the physical demonstration reminder is ALWAYS helpful and useful. How many times do you typically have to go over this with your clients until it becomes their new healthy habit?

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Single Baby Boomer Dating Expert

    • kvanness01 Says:

      It’s best to make this a daily habit, something you do, if only for a few minutes, each day. First thing in the morning (or as close to first thing as you can do, depending on your schedule), and in the evening tend to be good times. But anytime is good for some good ol’ deep breathing. I tend to take small breaks throughout the day.

  13. Dennis Perry Says:

    By practicing these techniques, your lung capacity increases and, with it, your reserves increase. This is important for exercise tolerance, oxygen exchange, and general health.
    Create The Life of Your Dreams

  14. Don Hill Says:

    Breathing is not something I take for granted any more. I bronchitis once and could not breath while lying down for a week.


  15. Michael D Walker Says:

    Breathing is a topic of great interest to me because just working on it myself with no proper training I have learned to reduce my blood pressure as it’s being measured simply by doing deep breathing.

    Looking forward to learning much more from you!

    The Success Secrets

  16. Eva Says:

    Breathing is so important! not only for our body and health but also for our mind!

  17. Bryan Says:

    When you really breath well it seems your whole body feels better, I can’t wait to learn more.

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