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Best Breathing Exercises logoWelcome to the Dynamic Energy, Fitness and Personal Power blog.

Within each post, you’ll find valuable, life-transforming information to help you
-Transform stress into energy and purpose
-Turn back the clock – look and feel younger than your age
-Get in great shape faster and easier than before
-Overcome frustration and roadblocks…and feel more enthusiastic, resilient and in control

Hi, I’m Karen Van Ness and I have great news for you. You too can enjoy greater levels of energy, fitness and health by tapping into the power of your breath with Dynamic Energy Exercise™.

Just what is Dynamic Energy Exercise™? In short, it’s an approach to wellbeing that integrates your body, mind and spirit through the focal point of your breath, giving you better results in less time than with conventional exercise programs, weight loss fads or gimmicks.

My approach leverages time-tested principles and methods from the martial arts, breathing practices, and energy disciplines from both East and West, along with modern, proven training and nutrition strategies. It’s fast and effective, easy to learn, and accessible to just about anyone, regardless of your current physical condition. You don’t have to chant, and you don’t have to study some esoteric “system” for months, even years. You’ll enjoy extraordinary improvements in your energy levels and health, ability to manage stress, and confidence.

Just as thousands of others have discovered, this “inside out” approach can help you look and feel younger, enjoy abundant health, energy and vitality, and feel more resilient and in control.

I’m confident the information I publish in my blog, as well as the information and programs available at the Best Breathing Exercises website, will help you immensely. So explore the blog, visit the website, and let me know if you have any questions or would like to see specific topic areas covered in the blog!

You Can Do It!

Karen Van Ness

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